5 Agt 2017

Labirin Coban Rondo, Batu, Malang

Another review from Batu, beside Jatim Park, Museum Angkut, or Batu Secret Zoo...
O yeeeaah... We found it when we go to Batu with Rental Car, and the driver, you can call him Mr. Andre , give us a lot of destination n delicious food's place, hmmm yummie..... LOL...

a hedge maze

We go to Coban Rondo Waterfall and Labirin. And let me talk first about Coban Rondo Labirin. Yup, like the hedge maze on The Goblet of Fire, hahaha.. But we can't found the Triwizard Cup, only a little water fountain... :)

So, here we are..

that tower can help us to find our way to the fountain

It's not a big maze, like on Goblet of Fire.. but so much fun, when we walk around to find it... And more fun when the foggy is coming :) Hahahaaaa....

yeeey... finally did it

So.. what are youu waiting for.... Try it if you dare... Hohoohoooo..

It's a real pleasure to visit Batu again, as there's always new things to see and discover despite the fact that we also like to go back to places where we've been before. 

Best spot near the maze

Happy me.. don't you agree???